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Exhibitions of Chinese art and photography have been held in various venues across Scotland for more than a century. Below you will see a selection of past and recent exhibitions which reveal the growing visibility of artists, creative arts and visual culture of China in Scottish universities, museums and galleries from the mid-20th century to the present. 

Qiu Zhijie 邱志杰

Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh
29 Oct – 18 Feb, 2023

Outside Edge

The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
8 Oct- 13 Nov, 2022

China: Through the Lens of John Thomson

James Watt Centre, Edinburgh
30 Sep 2021 -30 Jun, 2022

Chinese Oracle Bones

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
25 Oct 2019 - 29 Mar, 2020

Ming: The Golden Empire

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
27 Jun -19 Oct, 2014


Shanghai Himalayas Museum Shanghai, China
27 Jun - 9 Aug, 2015

MAO: Art for the Masses

National Museums of Scotland Edinburgh
1 May 2003 – Mar, 2004

Modern Chinese Painting

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
3 Jun - 2 Jul, 1967

Rea-Yen Song 宋瑞淵

DCA Dundee
Dec 11–Mar 20, 2022

Real Music

Samson Young
Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh
24 Jul -05 Oct 2019

Expanding Traditions

Hock Aun Teh
Reid Gallery, Glasgow
1 – 29 October 2022

Springs Eternal: Glenfiddich Artists in Residence - 12 Years from Taiwan

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts Taipei, China
23 Dec 2016 - 12 Feb 2017

Flowing of Still Life, Thinking of Retreat: Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Programme—12 Years from China

West Bund Art Center Shanghai, China
7 – 11 Nov 2018