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This website on “Exploring Chinese Art and Culture in Scotland” is supported by the Summer Teams Enterprise Programme (STEP) of the University of St Andrews. It is voluntarily created by a group of seven undergraduate students who take an interest in Chinese art and culture and aspire to spread vision and passion to a wider community. As signified in our logo of thistle—Scotland’s national emblem—in the style of Chinese papercutting, we aim to raise awareness of China’s artistic footprints in Scotland and encourage new dialogues on cross-cultural exchanges.

The website provides information about where to explore, see, taste and experience things related to Chinese art and culture in Scotland. It features collections, exhibitions, artists, research outputs and events, highlighting objects, activities and writings of Chinese art, artefacts and Chinese-inspired artworks in different Scottish regions. We also introduce research networks and cultural communities, while promoting the art of the Chinese diaspora.

Special thanks go to the following individuals and units for their contributions in various aspects of the STEP project during a short period of seven weeks in June and July 2023.

  • Project sponsor: Dr Michelle Huang, Lecturer in Art History
  • Project coach: Mi Zhou, PhD candidate in Art History
  • Project leader: Yella Qiu
  • Members of the research team: Casey Leung, Fucong Niu, Isobel Preece 
  • Members of the website team: Malik Almorhiby, Louisa Lindsley, Hannah Zheng
  • Funding and IT support: The Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development (CEED), School of Art History, IT Services

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all the artists, scholars, organisations, departments and staff who kindly offered their help and support to this project. Many thanks shall be given to Yuding Wang who helped with the design of the website logo and other graphics.