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China’s Artistic Footprints in Scotland

This website encourages you to explore, see, taste and experience things related to Chinese art and culture in different Scottish regions. Highlights from museum collections, past exhibitions, art of the Chinese diaspora, research networks and cultural events are presented to show a growing interest in the appreciation and study of Chinese art and culture among researchers, museums and communities in Scotland.

Chinese Art Collections in Scotland

Interactive Map

To encourage the exploration of Chinese art, we have developed this interactive map to help you visualise the distribution of various collections across Scotland. Our map shines a light on the extensive interest in Chinese art and artefacts, as seen by the multitude of collections in several regions. The addition of placement markers, with collection highlights and links to official websites, also provides a convenient tool for researchers, scholars, and others with an interest in extant Chinese art collections

Collections across Scotland
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Past Events

Past Exhibitions

Featured Artists

Featured Scholars